Pat's Singles Dance

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Dress Code


Appropriate Dress for My Dances is best described as "Dressy Casual"
...Dress to Impress !

     My aim is to provide a pleasing atmosphere for attractive professional singles in their 40's and up. To facilitate this atmosphere, I book my dances at facilities that are convenient, attractive and comfortable, while providing a suitable dance floor and allowing a reasonable admission price.  Most of all, my dances provide an environment that is enjoyable to all that come.

    The atmosphere is enhanced when members come well dressed and look like attractive professional singles. I want our members to be comfortable at our dances, but poorly dressed people diminish the atmosphere and the enjoyment of the dance for others.
     Therefore I request that all members come dressed "dressy casual". It may be helpful to keep in mind that, if you want to meet someone attractive and desirable, it is best to make an attractive presentation, yourself. 

     I discourage such apparel as tee-shirts, sloppy blue jeans, sneakers, shorts, tank tops and flip-flops. Do you remember the old ganster movies when one ganster said about another, "he ain't got no class." Well, don't let people say that about you.

     I encourage men to wear sport shirts and slacks.  But you want to make a better presentation and stand above the crown, you might consider wearing a sports jacket and maybe even a tie. 

     I  request and sincerely appreciate your cooperation in making the singles dance experience one that is pleasurable and memorable for everyone. Dress to Impress. Thank you.