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Your First Time? What to Expect


Everyone at the Dance was a first timer at some time in the past !

     Pat's Singles Dance is open to the public and the only weekly dance in this region of the country that is dedicated to singles. We are a "singles" dance, as our name indicates.  We take that seriously.  We are not a "singles dance" in name only, as is the case for some other dances. 
     We operate a singles dance every weekend of the year, usually on Sunday nights.  We move our dances around to various venues.  It is our policy to operate the dance each weekend at the very best venue that is available for our dance that particular weekend.  It is also our policy to hire only the best bands that play according to our format and that have proven to be the favorites among our members.
      There is no cost to join and no membership fee.  We operate as a club to the extent that we maintain a membership list and we limit attendees to single persons. We get new members every week.  Up to 10% of the people at any given dance are there for the very first time. The membership list is confidential and stays exclusively under my control. It is never provided to anyone else.
     Pat's Singles Club is supported by the reasonable admission charge ($12.00) collected at the door for each dance.  My bands are proven crowd pleasers.  There are not many places these days that you can find good live entertainment at that price.
   Most of us are not good dancers.  We are there to mix and mingle and socialize.  You will find some good dancers, but not many professional ballroom dancers at our dances.  If you have superior dancing skills, that great.  But even if you have two left feet, it's no excuse to stay away.
     A name tag is provided to every person who attends our dances.  Your first name is placed on the tag.   We urge all members to wear their name tags at all times.  Not everyone is good at remembering names.  Name tags help people, particularly newcomers, to make friends and feel at home.  Name tags serve as good "ice breakers."
     Name tags also serve a second important purpose.  They show that you have paid the admission and done your fair share to support the dance financially that evening.   In my opinion, a class operation does not stamp hands, as they do at some bars and other dances.  On the other hand, we believe that everybody should do their fair share to support the weekly dance.  Therefore, if you are not wearing your name tag, we may ask you to show it.  Please do not be insulted, or give the person requesting it a hard time.  It does not mean that we believe that you have a dishonest look about you.  If you are a person who might be insulted, we would urge you to wear the name tag.  For most people, it is not a great imposition to do so.
     Our dances operate with a cash bar. You may not bring in your own alcoholic beverages.  However, you may bring snacks except at dances held at the Radisson or Wyndham Garden.  I provide complimentary potato chips and pretzels.  Food may be ordered from a limited menu at the Dillsburg American Legion.  A waitress is available for that purpose.

     My dances start at 7:00 p.m. and doors open as early as 6:40 p.m. When you come in the front door, you will see a table with a lady who will collect the admission fee.  If it is your first time at one of my dances, please make that fact known.  If you have not signed up on-line to receive my newsletter, we will ask you to do so at the dance.

     Most people feel a little awkward at first.  All of us at the dance were in that same position at one time or another. You will find that a friendly smile and a pleasant "hello, let me introduce myself," will create for you an opportunity to make many new friends. If you tend to be less extroverted than others and find it a little more difficult to make strangers into friends, it make take a few dances before you are truly at ease. You will find that our "Paul Jones" mixer dance that is run three times at every dance, on the half-hour, is a great way to meet a lot of people.  Finally, be patient and give my dance a fair chance, by coming to at least several dances.  You will find the dance to be a rewarding experience.
     If you have never attended one of our dances, why wait any longer.  Join us this weekend and see what we're all about.  You won't be disappointed.  We look forward to seeing you.
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Pat's Singles Dance