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New Singles Club -- Harrisburg/York

Our dances are a great place to meet other attractive singles! Edit Text
       New Singles Dances are a great opportunity for you to meet of hundreds of attractive, exciting singles every weekend at the largest and most popular singles dance in Central Pennsylvania, now in our 18th successful year of operation.
       Our dances provide you a great alternative to dating services, personals ads, and bars.  You will find a low-cost, relaxed environment that allows you to meet fun people and to make new friends at your own pace, in a pressure-free no-stress environment. 
       Our members are a lot like you. They are all single, divorced or widowed and enjoy meeting and getting to know other single people. Like you, they are mature adults, in their 30's and older.  The dance is open to the public.  Chances are that, at your first dance, who will see people that you know, but that you never knew come to our dances regularly.  You will never feel like a stranger at our dances.  Everyone is there to make friends and meet new people.
       Membership in New Singles is free.  You join by filling out a simple membership card the first time you attend a dance.  On any given night, approximately 8% of those at the dance are with us for the very first time. 
       While you are mixing and mingling with other singles, you also have the opportunity to enjoy great music and dancing,  You will experience top-notch bands and an excellent disc jockey, including The Citations, The Headliners, BT & The Cruisers, Saxy, The Cruisers, Just Friends and radio personality DJ Ray Thomas.  Our dances are held at the Valencia Ballroom in York, the Elks Ballroom in Camp Hill, the turnpike Holiday Inn at New Cumberland and the Holidome Holiday Inn at the West Manchester Mall, York.
       With a few exceptions, we are not expert dancers.  Most of us come primarily to mix and mingle while we fake it on the dance floor.  However, if you would like to improve your dance skills, you can take a one-half-hour group dance lesson provided by professional dance instructors.  Andy Selwyn provides partner dance lessons for only three dollars before most dances.  Tamora Stum provides line dance lessons for free at dances held in the Harrisburg area.
     The music is generally top-40's, with a lot of oldies but goodies. Our membership is diverse, so the music is selected to appeal to a wide variety of people. In addition to top 40 tunes, a few country and line dance numbers are mixed in. Our format is 50% fast dances and 50% slow dances.  Regardless of your age or taste in music, you will hear music during the evening that you recognize and enjoy.
     In addition to the regular dances, we have several ladies-choice dances during the evening.  We also invite you to participate in a Paul Jones dance, which we run at approximately 8, 9 & 10 p.m. at each of our dances.  The Paul Jones is a mixer dance, which enable you to meet people that you may not otherwise have met.
       You can enjoy the cash bar at each of our dances and we provide a limited amount of potato chips and pretzels.  Your drinks at the cash bar will cost no more than the price charged at the regular bar in the facility where we run the dance. 

       We do have a dress code for the purpose of attracting a professional membership.  Dress is casual to dress-up. Most men wear sport shirts and slacks. Women generally wear blouses and skirts, or dresses. Sneakers, jeans, flip flops and sloppy clothes are discouraged. We ask members to dress to impress.

       The admission price for each dance is only $8 to $10, depending on whether we have a disc jockey or a band.  Where else can you have a full night of fun for this low price?  How else can you meet so many attractive singles in a relaxed atmosphere at such a low price?  
       For only $8 to $10, you will meet hundreds of singles each dance night.  Compare this to spending the hundreds of dollars and the hundreds of frustrating meetings necessary to meet the same numbe of singles through dating services or personals ads.
       Please out the form below to receive our free weekly Newsletter that will apprise you of our events and other information of interest.  Your email address will not be provided to anyone else.  As a "Thank You" for receiving our newsletter, we provide free passes to members, drawn at random, each week.  The winners are listed at the end of each week's newsletter, so be sure it check it each and every week.
       After you fill out the form below, click on the New Singles link below the form, at the bottom of this page, to see our schedule of up-coming dances.

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